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PAIN AND TRAUMA RELIEF with Essential Oils Workshop, 9 hours of learning, hands-on, and'scenting', JULY 23, 2011, SHELBY MT (Location TBA)

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WE WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT ABOUT 9 AM YESTERDAY MORNING, 06/20/2011, KO-LA COMPLETED HIS JOURNEY TO THE GOD AND THE LIGHT.   Complications from the mold, pesticide poisoning, and psychic attack were just too much.   So now he will heal in God's house.   Kitty and my hearts are breaking;   but of couse, we let him go.   We are in Montana, among friends, and he is resting at one of their ranches.

  Kitty and I are having a memroial for Ko-La.   For all those who'd like to send a donation, I, in turn, will listen to their last words to Ko-La and pass it on to him.   All funds will go towards the creation of A Healing Sanctuary for animals and children with disabilities, per Ko-La's wishes.   If you choose to make a $5 donation or more, you may receive a picture of Ko-La, Brother Warrior.


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Awanee Russell is an ordained minister and Doctor of Divinity of the Universal Life Church and a registered professional member of the International Reflexology Association.   She is a certified Native American Medicine Woman.   In addition, she is a wildcrafting herbalist, dowser, and JohRei practitioner.   She is the mother of two children with severe brain injuries and has worked as a para-professional with children and adults with disabilities.   Awanee was trained by Ginny Miller, R.N., in Chinese Accupressure , 1989, in Hamilton, MT.

Awanee is a published author and has been featured on MCAT TV in Missoula MT, Public TV in Tucson, AZ, Women's Health Network in Hollywood, CA, and Clear Channel Radio in Albuquerque, NM.   Awanee works with her animal partners and friends, Ko-La and Millimaya Sacajawea, Medical Intuitves, Animal Whisperers and Listeners.   It is their delight to assist you and your animals in your quest for health and well-being.



Millimaya (kitty), Ko-La and Awanee use their combined skills of tracking and intuition to locate your missing loved ones. Testimonials and references available upon request.


Awanee & Ko-La use the principles of Quantum Physics for distance healing. Some of the modalities they use are Reiki and Therapeutic Touch.

Distance Healing can alleviate stress, pain, grief and disease. It also provides calm assurance for the body/mind when death is close.

All treatments and therapies are available for both human beings and animals.